Monitoring Room

The Monitoring Room is home to our flagship monitoring digest, 'Event Horizon'. This regular publication tracks and highlights developing stories and news across critical geopolitical flashpoints, such as the NATO-Russia context, the Korean Peninsula, the Taiwan Strait, and the South China Sea. 

Methodology and scope

Explore our methodology and scope to understand how we select developments with implications for global stability.

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Event Horizon


Issue 10 - 6 -26 June
Issue 9 - 16 May-5 June
Issue 8 - 1-15 May
Issue 7 - 18-30 April
Issue 6 - 1-17 April
Issue 5 - 15-31 March
Issue 4 - 1-14 March
Issue 3 - 16-29 February
Issue 2 - 1-15 February
Issue 1 - 13-31 January


One Earth Future

Open Nuclear Network (ONN) is a programme of One Earth Future, an incubator of innovative peacebuilding programs in which they design, test and partner to scale programs that work hand in hand with communities to eliminate the root causes of war.

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