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Analysis of the KN-25 Multiple Rocket Launcher System after the 9 March 2020 DPRK Test

"Modern warfare is precisely the warfare of artillery pieces and the combat preparations of the artillerymen are exactly those of the People's Army." - Kim Jong Un, 12 March 2020


North Korea's Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles & Countermeasures

Every state that has developed intercontinental ballistic missiles has considered how to deliver a nuclear payload to its target without interference. Generally, states counter ballistic missile defence (BMD) by increasing the number of missiles they produce, developing countermeasures and penetration aides such as decoys or chaff - which confuse BMD sensors, or increasing the number of warheads in each missile's payload.


Countering Ballistic Missile Defence: North Korea's Approach

North Korea's rapid development of missile capabilities has prioritized technological advancement, range, and payload delivery in order to achieve Kim Jong Un's goal of delivering a nuclear weapon to the US mainland. Being able to nuke the continental US isn't just to live up to the hype of the propaganda, but because it's a very effective wedge between the US and its ally South Korea.


Image Analysis of North Korea's ICBMs for Countermeasures

While there is insufficient evidence to prove that North Korea is pursuing countermeasures or penetration aids (penaids), the lack of evidence certainly does not prove that they are not. The technology behind producing penaids - or still more dangerous - multiple independent reentry vehicles (MIRVs) is difficult, but not more difficult than what North Korea has already accomplished.

One Earth Future

Open Nuclear Network (ONN) is a programme of One Earth Future, an incubator of innovative peacebuilding programs in which they design, test and partner to scale programs that work hand in hand with communities to eliminate the root causes of war.

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